3 ways to Strengthen Your Brand using the correct email address

Branding on the Internet can be done in many ways and one of the easiest, if not the easiest is by using your own domain name in your email addresses. This may seem like an obvious thing to do but all too often we see email addresses in the form “companyname@ispname.com” where the only branding going on is by the Internet Service Provider that provides your email needs. Much too often companies register their own domains but doesn’t make use of the email facilities that are provided along with the domain.

Today, using email-forwarding and POP3 mailbox settings, it’s possible to use an online email service like Google Mail or Hotmail or traditional email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird e.t.c., to manage your email whilst using an email address in the form myname@mydomain.com.

But why would you want to? Consider that email has become the most widely used communication format today. If you’re reading this article on our web site the chances are you have your own Internet access and your own email address. If you use your own domain name every person that you send email to is going to see the email address and understand that the domain (the ‘mydomain.com’ bit) probably has a web site attached to it and that all they have to do to visit it is type into their browser www.mydomain.com.

That’s the first way in which you can strengthen your brand. The second is by making use of the “From” alias so that it reads something like “From: Mr. A. Name of Mycompany Ltd., www.mycompany.com”. Most of the time, only the name of the person is used in the “From” alias. By correctly utilising the “From” alias, you’ll provide the email recipient with a lot more information including your company name and your web site address.

Thirdly, always make use of the “signature” tool that practically every email client, web-based or not, has built-in. The signature, once set up, is automatically added to the bottom of every email you send out. This is one of the most powerful branding tools as there is no limit to what you could put in the signature file. For example, your signature file could read:

Mr. A. Name
My Company Ltd.

e: a.name@mycompany.com
w: www.mycompany.com
t: +44 123 456 7890

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Using this simple tool, every email you send out with this signature effectively acts like an ad for your sale. It drives traffic to your web site where you can further strengthen your brand and will likely get you some sales too!

By using these tips, every email you send out can push your brand in three different ways. Not bad for something that only takes a few minutes to implement!