8 Simple Rules To Grow Your Twitter Following

I’ve been tweeting for a few years now and these are the 8 most simple rules I use to grow my Twitter following:

1. Focus the mass of your tweets to two or three topics, ideally:

  1. Topics you are passionate about – finding things to say about something you are passionate about is easier than for a topic you have little interest in;
  2. Topics you are knowledgeable about – much like #1 above it becomes easier to find something to say when you have in-depth knowledge about a subject, be it a fresh tweet or a continued discussion.

2. Be prepared to spend time constantly posting tweets & retweeting

There are times that my tweeting frequency has dipped and these periods have always resulted in a lull in new followers and sometimes a loss of followers too. If followers think you’re no longer a part of the community they’ll cut you out, just as happens in similar real-world social situations.

3. Be real – Interact with other tweeple

This is social networking after all so befriend some followers and be authentically social – this makes it more likely that their followers will begin to follow you when they see interaction between you.

4. Be prepared to tweet at odd hours

It may just happen that the bulk of your followers, or the most important of them, happen to live in a different time zone to yours e.g. the majority of my followers are American & I’m in the UK. To feed their appetite for your tweets you will need to tweet at hours that make sense to them. Scheduling tweets can be one solution to this (see #5).

5. Use a social dashboard

Social dashboards, like Hootsuite, make it very easy to manage multiple accounts, searches, lists and to schedule tweets at those odd hours in #4.

6. Set up a list of ‘evergreen’ tweets

I recently found myself quite busy and unable to tweet regularly on one of my accounts – I set up a spreadsheet and put down all the tweets I could think of that were non-timely, about 80 tweets. I then set up a schedule using Hootsuite to have two or three fresh tweets sent out every day for a month. This was useful in maintaining a flow of original material for that account and gave me a good library to fall back on if I face a similar time-crunch in the future.

7. Before retweeting, always follow the link and read the content

This doesn’t apply to those tweeple who you know always post quality material but for anyone else be sure to check the material they’ve linked to, to ensure the quality is up to par for your followers. A bonus is you can customize the tweet for your followers if you know the content.

8. Welcome new followers personally

As much as possible welcome new followers personally – I say as much as possible because when new followers start streaming in it can get difficult to keep up; However this personal attention will pay off when followers begin to cull their lists of people to follow – chances are they’ll remember you over those that didn’t welcome them.

So, these are some simple rules I try to follow with my social interactions – you’ll note that they are not specific to Twitter and can be used for any social network you’re active in.

If you have any tips I’d be happy to hear about them – drop me a comment below.

Happy socializing!