For the Serious Surfer: Firefox 3 has landed! 8 million downloads in 2 days!

Yep, Firefox 3 is here! The latest incarnation of the web browser sports many new and improved features; in true community spirit Mozilla have heard their customers and acted to create the most advanced web browser to date.

All this excitement may seem a little silly but after years of using the backward and cumbersome Internet Explorer, Firefox was a breath of very fresh, sweet air. Although Microsoft finally realized that they need to up their game in the browser wars their products, the latest of which is Internet Explorer version 7, are forever playing catch-up to the likes of Firefox and Opera.
The only 2 reasons I see that IE still has the major market share are a) Many web users are still unaware of the incredible browsing experience they can with Firefox and b) with Internet Explorer making up part of the Windows operating system, most corporates would prefer their users to run just the one browser, IE, to reduce support costs.

But Firefox is gaining ground on IE – in the two days that Firefox 3 has been available, it’s been downloaded over 8.5 million times (check out the download map here) hopefully giving it the coveted title of “most downloaded software in a day” by the Guinness Book of Records.

So, if you’re still a Internet Explorer user, I’d ask you to try something new and exciting; believe me, you won’t be going back to IE once you’ve had a taste of Firefox!

Oh, and check out the Firefox 3 Download certificatecertificate I got….