Installing and running the Zend Framework on XAMPP

I’ve recently started looking at the ZEND framework for PHP and wanted to know how to install and run it on my Windows XAMMP development environment.

Norman Kosmal has a nice post on how to do this here and the Zend folk have a nice quick-start guide here

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  1. 1) It is assume that XAMPP is installed on your windows system

    a)Must have the mod_rewrite extension installed and configured
    b)Must also ensure that Apache is configured to support .htaccess files.

    AllowOverride All

    2) Zend is easy to get up and running on XAMPP.

    3) Download latest (Zend Framework 1.11.6) Full from link >>

    a)Create folder named “ZendFramework” at C:xamppphp path.

    b)Uncompress “Zend Framework” then go to library >> Zend folder copy all the content and paste
    in above created ZendFramework folder at C:xamppphpZendFramework

    4) Then make sure to change the include path in


    append include_path with new ;C:xamppphpZendFramework

    It should look something like this:

    include_path = “.;C:xamppphppear;C:xamppphpZendFramework”

    >>re-start the server

    Installing QuickStart Guestbook Example by zend

    a) Download “” from

    b) For convenience create a project named “zendQuickStart” inside xampp`s htdocs folder, because apache serves files from there.

    c) Uncompress “” and Copy content of project folder “zendQuickStart”

    d) Create VirtualHost on XAMPP

    For that make changes in below mention file

    >> C:xamppapacheconfextrahttpd-vhosts.conf

    DocumentRoot “C:/xampp/htdocs/zendQuickStart/public”
    ServerName *

    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

    >>re-start the server

    e) Quickstart uses the sqlite database so make sure the below extension are enable in php.ini file


    >>re-start the server

    f) now access http://localhost/

    Creating zend project scaleton

    a) Download “” from path >>

    a) Create folder named “ZendFrameworkCli” at path C:/Program Files

    c) Uncompress above folder and copy “bin” and “library” folder and paste in “ZendFrameworkCli” at path C:/Program Files

    d) Now Right click on “My Computer” click on properties >> Advance >> Enviroment Variables >>

    select CLASSPATH under System Varibles click on Edit button and append ;C:xamppphp to existing value.

    f) Run “cmd” command and go to path C:Progam FilesZendFrameworkClibin>

    g) Type below command to check zend verion

    C:Progam FilesZendFrameworkClibin>zf show version

    you will see

    Zend Framework Version 1.11.6

    h) Now Type below command to create project

    C:Progam FilesZendFrameworkClibin>zf create project C:/xampp/htdocs/zfmyfirstproject

    This will create a zend framework folder structure for you.

    Copy tge Zend folder from ZendFramework-1.11.6-minimal/library and paste in C:/xampp/htdocs/zfmyfirstproject/library

    For more details refer pdf

  2. Dear Chandesh,
    Thanks for the brilliant tutorial, but right at the end, one small problem, where do I find the landing/index/start page for zend????????
    I hope you can help me, I will be over the moon!

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