Is Google Phone On The Way?

Google PhoneI’m a big fan of Google and especially its attitude toward making its services accessible to all so I’m getting pretty excited about the rumour going around the Internet that the Google Phone is due out in the first quarter of 2008. Google has already made the web largely accessible to computer users and is now extending their ethos to mobile phones.

But, what is the Google Phone all about? From what I gather, Google will first release software that will be compatible with the hardware from phone vendors before actually releasing it’s own range of phones. This last bit is still a bit foggy but it seems the software release is imminent.

The software will bundle Google Mail, Google Maps, Search and YouTube for video-sharing. However, the best part of this software is that it will be ‘open’ so that developers can actually build additional phone features.

What does this mean for you and me? Just that we’ll get access to some of the best free web applications on our mobile phones.

2 thoughts on “Is Google Phone On The Way?”

  1. Where can I get this phone from and when? I have been looking at the LG U990 Viewty phone as my next one – how is that so different to the “Google Phone”?

  2. Hi Raj,

    not sure when we’ll see it here in the UK but as far as I can tell Google will first release the software, basically the OS that will run the phones, which some hardware vendors have already signed up to.

    As compared to any particular phone, this is more about how the software on a phone can be extended – at the moment whatever OS a phone is running is what you get – not much scope to extend it, but with the Google Phone software I think the idea is to allow software developers to write applications etc that you can install on the phone to further extend its capabilities. So apart from being able to run Google apps, the software will allow ‘other’ apps to run too.

    Sure PDAs and the like already allow this but this will probably be a more ‘open’ solution.

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