Joomla 1.0x Developers Manual

Although Joomla is a very popular open source application for building content-rich web sites, the available documentation for version 1.0x leaves a lot to be desired.

Currently working on a pretty big, and complicated, project involving multiple Joomla sites, I went off in search of relevant material that would help me design and build custom components and modules for version 1.015.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any single document that provided me with the information I needed, that is until I happened on a post on the Joomla Forum where someone had helpfully posted a link to a PDF of the Joomla Developers Manual.

Now, this guide for version 1.0x is incomplete, and will remain ever so since the Joomla Documentation Team are concentrating on getting a comprehensive Joomla 1.5 guide ready, however it does offer a lot of important information that you’ll only otherwise get by spending hours on the Joomla Forum and on other sites trying out tutorials.

So, if you’re looking for a ,somewhat, single document in PDF format that can help you understand the Joomla CMS engine a little better and help in building your own components and modules, look no further – click here to download the Joomla Developers Manual.