Minecraft, Dishoom in Covent Garden and that Matrix cat!

My son, an ardent fan of Minecraft posted this Father’s Day message to me in the game! I’m very proud of his burgeoning coding capabilities.

Had a lovely dinner with friends, old and new, at Dishoom in London’s Covent Garden. The two people at the far right and far left are actually a couple we met in the hour-long line to get into this very popular Indian restaurant. we struck up conversation and so new friendships were born!

A stylistic (so I think anyway!) shot of the Dishoom menu.

The June issue of How It Works magazine had a small feature on deja vu … with a picture of a black cat as a homage to the cat scene in the first Matrix movie, where Neo and his pals realise there’s trouble on the way when the black cat appears to walk past the doorway twice – deja vu?

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