“My Site and Google” – What every web-site owner should know

It goes without saying that at the present time the most influential search engine on the web is Google and keeping that in mind there is some very important documentation the boffins at Google have created that every web-site owner should read and be aware of when having their web sites designed and built.

Written so a lay-person can easily understand it, with some help from their webmasters, the online documentation consists of the following main sections to help you optimize your site for Google:

  1. My site’s ranking in Google Search Results
  2. How Google crawls my site
  3. Creating a Google friendly site
  4. Preventing content from appearing in Google search results
  5. My mobile site in the Google  Index
  6. Information for Public Sector webmasters

and more can be found here

This is vital information if you want your site to be ranked as highly as possible in Google’s search engine results pages (serps).

Happy reading! 🙂