Tweets As Posts WordPress Plugin

Tweets As Posts WordPress Plugin

[info]NB: This plugin is currently being re-developed to use Twitter’s latest API. An update will be posted here when it is ready and available for download from the WordPress Plugin Directory.[/info]

Tweets As Posts (TAP) for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import tweets from twitter into WordPress as posts by simply stating twitter names and hashtags in the configuration.

Unlimited number of Twitter accounts can be used making both personal and company websites easy to update from multiple twitter accounts.

A custom list of hashtags allows control over which tweets are imported. (Future versions will offer even more options for control)

The imported tweets are added to WordPress as posts, into a category specified in the settings configuration, and displayed on the front-end with Search Engine Friendly URLs.

The import update runs once an hour automatically or can be forced to run from the settings page of the plugin e.g. if you require an important tweet to appear on the site immediately.

Why use Tweets As Posts

  1. A simple way to archive your, and those of others if necessary, tweets and make them available on your website
  2. Updates your website automatically with content relevant to your site visitors
  3. Your tweets flow naturally with the rest of your website content e.g. as opposed to being displayed in a widget
  4. Search engines love sites that are updated regularly – depending on your tweeting frequency this could have a positive effect on your site’s Search Engine ranking
  5. URLs are Search Engine Friendly making discovery by Search Engines easy

[button_red link=””]Download ‘Tweets As Posts’ [/button_red] from the WordPress Plugin Directory

User Requests

Following are requests made by users – most, and maybe even all, will be implemented in future versions of Tweets As Posts. Have some suggestions of your own? Drop me a note

  1. Ability to set Unpublish/Publish parameter in configuration
  2. Import all tweets from specific names, without requiring a hashtag
  3. Import tweets from specific hashtags (not as a filter like it seems to be now, but all tweets using that hashtag)
  4. Being able to assign different sets of tweets to different categories. i.e. setting up certain names and hashtags to go to one category, a second set to a different category, etc.
  5. Importing photos (whether Twitter’s own photo hosting, or services like twitpic, yfrog, instragram, etc.) into WordPress and present in the post
  6. The ability to go back and import all historical posts by specified users
  7. The ability to add a twitter user, and then be asked if you want to import all historical posts for that user
  8. Per the above, it would be nice if the admin interface showed a list of twitter users and hashtags with some stats on them, like how many tweets have been imported, when the last one was imported, etc.
  9. Converting hashtags in tweets into tags in posts
  10. Option to set as post type e.g.  aside or quotation.
  11. Option to include a standardized heading and/or text that could be included with every post.
  12. Option to display linked Twitter username at the end of the tweet body

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