Coder + Raspberry Pi = Cheap, Safe Web Development Platform

Over the last 12 months or so there has been a real push in education to get more adults and kids coding, or at least to understand the fundamentals of coding. I won’t discuss the merits of such a drive in this post, but I will say that coding is the future.

In order to contribute to this technology renaissance, Google’s Creative Lab has released ‘Coder‘, free software that turns a Raspberry Pi into a web platform with a code editor, enabling the user to try their hand at coding HTML, CSS and Javascript using the on board browser.

What makes this appealing is that all that is required is a Raspberry Pi which retails for about £40, allowing parents to set their kids up with a learning and development platform for programming  for very little money, and the payback can be enormous. There is little need, at least at the early stages, to even connect to the Internet, keeping the learning environment safe.

Check out more about Coder & the Raspberry Pi below…

[youtube_video id=”wH24YwdayFg” width=”600″ height=”400″]