Fire-fighting helicopter in Argostoli, Greece and Danger Mouse returns!

The first image (click through on instagram to watch the video) depicts a fire-fighting helicopter that sucks up water from the sea and dumps it on fires; On a particularly hot day, around 35 degrees centigrade, there were a number of small fires on the hills of a nearby island as we made our way to Argostoli/Kefalonia in Greece. The helicopter was accompanied by a small, single-engine plane too.

Watching TV last night, the CBBC channel announced the return of Danger Mouse. Some of you may be too young to remember this cartoon of a secret agent mouse and his trusty sidekick. The reboot hits UK screens on 28th September 2015. More about Danger Mouse here…

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Super yachts in Greece and Gordon Welchman, codebreaker

The blue water of the Mediterranean never fails to impress. Something else of note around the Greek islands on this cruise was the sheer number of yachts and super-yachts; these two super yachts were berthed at an island we sailed past after leaving Mykonos.

The second picture today is of some MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngulasJS, Node.js) programming I was doing whilst watching a fascinating BBC documentary on Gordon Welchman, who along with Alan Turing, broke the Nazi Enigma cypher code, shortening the war by two years and saving hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives in the process. If you’ve never heard of him don’t worry, not many have. After his stint at Bletchley Park Welchman went on to the US to help the NSA set up their operations and was therefore bound not only by the British Official Secrets Act but by the US Espionage Act.

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Mykonos, Greece and shadows at sunset at Heathrow

The beautiful town of Mykonos in Greece. The blue and white colour scheme are unmistakably Greek of course 🙂 The small town has very narrow streets and yet there’s a decent amount of motorised traffic weaving its way through the tourist throngs in the shape of small vans and scooters.

The second picture is one I took at Heathrow Terminal 2 at the very top floor, level 5; the sun was setting and travellers on the other side of a frosted glass wall came through as shadows and silhouettes.

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Cat architecture in Kotor, Montenegro and Italian chocolates from Venice!

The people of Kotor in Montenegro love cats; many of the souvenir shops sell cat figurines and t-shirts of cats. What I loved though was how cats are depicted through architecture too, as seen here.

The old town in Kotor was/is fortified quite heavily and the Venetians went so far as to build a wall running up the tall hill behind the old town as part of the fortifications.

The Sorini tin of lovely Italian chocolates depicts a scene on the lagoon in Venice near the Piazza San Marco – having been there just a few days ago I just had to pick this up from the duty free shop at Marco Polo airport in Venice.

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Sailing into Montenegro and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Sailing into the port of Kotor in Montenegro. The channel is closed in on both sides by tall hills, with cute villages on the sides. Further on the channel splits into two so there are tall hills to the left, right and front of the ship. Breathtaking beauty.

The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore can be seen across the lagoon from Piazza San Marco. It’s a very striking building especially with the steps on the from coming down to the edge of the water. It wouldn’t look out of place on Game of Thrones!

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Venice and tootoomoo, Whetstone

The architecture in Venice is amazing and the summer light offers nice opportunities to take some interesting shots. There are many bridges in Venice and almost all of them were heaving with tourists taking pictures of the boats passing below.

It’s not often you see an empty gondola in Venice!

Enjoying some pan-Asian food at Tootoomoo in Whetstone with friends. This picture made John and I look like weirdos stalking our wives!

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Kenyan avocados and company sports day!

Ok, so Kenyan avocados are the best. A biased view, no doubt, being Kenyan-born, and this avocado is straight from my Mom’s garden in Nairobi. In size, it is at least 4 times bigger than the avocados available in British supermarkets and at least twice as tasty. No string bits, and very creamy.

The TPG digital design and development team after an afternoon of school games (tug-of-war, rounders, three-legged-race, sack-race) and a pretty decent picnic – practically the whole company turned out for an afternoon of fun at the Victoria Park in east London.

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3D-effect building and boo to Disney for geo-lock-out of Star Wars app

A fairly new building on City Road in east London, the effect is very much 3D, amazing considering it is, after all, a 3D building already!

As a Star Wars fan, I was hugely disappointed that there is a geo block on the new Star Wars android app in the UK. In this day and digital age geographical constraints make little sense. Time for governing bodies (governments, tax-authorities, licensing boards) to catch up to the one-world idea.

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jQuery for responsive image maps and time in the new garden fort

Spent some time working with the rwdImageMaps jQuery plugin for implementing responsive image maps as well as the qTip2 jQuery plugin for rich tool tips for responsive image maps. Coding is always so much fun!

Spent some time with my son in the new garden fort – a lovely summer day not to be wasted!

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Yauatcha City dinner and the new garden swing-slide-fort

A wonderful birthday dinner with my wife at Yauatcha – excellent Cantonese restaurant at Broadgate Circle in Liverpool Street in London. The setting is amazing with the restaurant set in a semi circle overlooking the Circle, and seating up against the windows. Wonderful company, wonderful venue and wonderful food.

My second garden DIY project this summer – a slide/swing/monkey-bar/fort set for the kids. Took a little over 10 hours but totally worth it to see the kids enjoy themselves.

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Javascript query string manipulation & a direwolf Game of Thrones t-shirt!

Some front-end development today using Javascript to manipulate query strings for a WordPress template. Good fun all round!

A lovely Father’s Day gift from my sons – a t-shirt depicting the sigil of my favourite family in Game of Thrones: The direwolf head of the Stark family.

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Minecraft, Dishoom in Covent Garden and that Matrix cat!

My son, an ardent fan of Minecraft posted this Father’s Day message to me in the game! I’m very proud of his burgeoning coding capabilities.

Had a lovely dinner with friends, old and new, at Dishoom in London’s Covent Garden. The two people at the far right and far left are actually a couple we met in the hour-long line to get into this very popular Indian restaurant. we struck up conversation and so new friendships were born!

A stylistic (so I think anyway!) shot of the Dishoom menu.

The June issue of How It Works magazine had a small feature on deja vu … with a picture of a black cat as a homage to the cat scene in the first Matrix movie, where Neo and his pals realise there’s trouble on the way when the black cat appears to walk past the doorway twice – deja vu?

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