About Me

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to find out more about me. I am first & foremost a family man, married for over 15 years as I write this and father to two lovely children. I take my responsibility as a parent seriously and strive to better myself through parenting best practice.

I began my professional life on the Internet back in 1999 as a web designer. After a few years of front-end design I had a nagging feeling to get a better understanding of how the innards of a website work. I therefore taught myself ASP (Microsoft Active Server Pages) and developed a site with MS Access as the backend database. Not happy with ASP, I then taught myself PHP & MySQL and in 2005 (before facebook made access public in 2006) I developed a live social networking site to practice my newly acquired skills – called FNet it was a site for my incredibly large extended family, spread across the globe, to share news and events. At its peak it had 93 active users (so just a little shy of facebook’s billion+ users).

I have since dabbled in Python and Ruby but remain primarily a PHP developer. I am currently the web developer at The Publishing Group, working on a range of different web sites and projects.

I’m currently training to become a MEAN developer (MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) to enable me to develop and deploy web applications faster using JavaScript as the primary programming language.

Being a developer I naturally understand and implement SEO wherever possible; I believe the impact of Social Media is so huge that no one involved with the Internet can afford to ignore it. As such I’ve recently graduated from the Squared Online digital marketing programme, a relatively new digital marketing qualification developed by Google.

Like most people I have a love of music of which the genres I enjoy the most are soft rock, R&B and classical. I recently discovered Pink Floyd and the version of ‘Comfortably Numb’ played by David Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006 has, arguably, the best guitar solo ever recorded. If you’re interested in this piece of rock history check it out on YouTube here – you’re looking for the 5 minute mark on.

I also play squash and badminton weekly to keep fit. Occasionally I glance at my cross-trainer and immediately feel exhausted; evidence enough of having worked out.

I am a voracious reader and thoroughly enjoy epic adventure novels – The Count of Monte Cristo is possibly my favourite of the genre – as well as thriller- and action-novels. Novels that are set in ancient civilisations e.g. Egypt, Rome, Carthage etc are especially enjoyable as they include historical references & gems.

Once in a while I relive my teenage years by reading an Archie comic or two.

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